Cookie Fundraisers

Cookies For Missions History
In 2016, my daughter had a desire to go on a Mission Trip to Japan. She needed $3500 to cover travel and lodging for a 9 day trip of a lifetime. We only had 2 months to raise the funds and as a Single Mother already struggling to make ends meet, I had no idea how I would come up with those funds. 
We've been on a few fundraising journeys too so we know what works & what doesn't! In short, our cookies work, so you don't have to!
We planned several fundraisers and after the first one flopped, my daughter was convinced that the mission trip was just not going to happen for her. She had been studying Japanese for a few years so I knew that this was her destiny. I rolled up my sleeves and began baking cookies to make up for the first failed fundraiser. The made from scratch cookies took off and in less than 8 weeks we had raised over $5,000 from cookie sales. 
Not only was my daughter able to go on the mission trip but we were able to help several other people raise funds for their mission trips. Eventually, Cookies For Missions was born and we began raising funds for both local and global missions. 
If you would like to raise funds for your upcoming mission trip or local project, please email for more information. Our Fundraising Manager, Torrie Jones, will provide you with all the tools that you'll need to have a successful fundraiser.