Meet Megan


Megan Mottley, Cookiepreneur

Goodness Gracious Cookies, Inc., got its start in 2016 when Megan Mottley's daughter Kaitlin asked to go on a Mission Trip to Japan. There was only 2 months to raise $3500 and with funds already tight, Megan jumped into action by planning several fundraisers. The first fundraiser totally flopped and Megan's daughter quickly became discouraged about the possibility to visit the country of her dreams. Megan, however, still had hope that she could make this happen for her daughter. 

"I knew it was her destiny" ~Megan Mottley

Kaitlin had been studying Japanese since Middle School and had become enamored with the culture and language. She had even requested books to learn more about Japan beyond the classroom. Faith and knowing that it was her daughter's destiny to visit Japan pushed Megan to go back to drawing board and come up with a backup plan to raise the funds. Megan rolled up her sleeves and used what she had on hand to bake made from scratch Cookies. The plan was to sell a few dozen cookies and get back on track with the other planned fundraisers. However, her backup plan became the Master plan because in less than 8 weeks, Megan and her daughter had raised over $5,000 from Cookies.

Not only was Kaitlin able to attend the mission trip to Japan, but the mother daughter duo were able to help several others raise money for missions trips with their made from scratch cookies. Months after the fundraisers were over, people were still asking for the delicious cookies. After prayer and large unexpected order from a top corporation, Megan made the decision to officially launch Goodness Gracious Cookies, Inc., in December 2016.


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