Kitchen Basics


Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Basics

When you're in the kitchen preparing meals and treats for loved ones, it's vital that you use the most sanitary practices. 

In a commercial kitchen, it's required to have a 3 compartment sink - one sink for hot water (between 90 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and soap, one sink to rinse, and one sink for sanitizing solution. Each sink must be rinsed and cleaned before use, filled with the appropriate amount of water at the right temperature, and changed as often as needed to prevent the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms to food and customers. This is how Restaurateurs,Chefs, Bakers,  Caterers, and all those in the food industry keep their kitchen tools, dishes and pots/pans clean and sanitary. 

You'll also find separate hand sinks in a commercial kitchen because it's not permissible or recommended to wash your hands in the 3 compartment sink that's designated for dishes, etc. 

When in the prep area, near food and touching food directly, it's important to wear hair nets, chef hats, apron, and gloves. 

At home, the same practices are important. Even though home kitchens have 2 compartment sinks, the goal is still the same as in commercial kitchen. One sink is for hot, soapy water to clean your dishes, utensils, pots/pans and the other sink is to rinse. You will need to sanitize in a separate basin or after rinsing in the rinse compartment. Read Clorox's suggestions for sanitizing with bleach.

After you've cleaned, rinsed, sanitized and dried the dishes and utensils that you'll be baking with, clear your sink to operate as a place for you to wash your hands. 

Again, it's important to wear those key items for working in your home kitchen - apron, gloves, etc. If you prefer not to wear gloves, you will need to wash your hands every single time that you touch a surface or food item that would affect the integrity of the dish that you're preparing. 

When washing your hands, it's so important that you use hot soap & water, long enough to actually kill germs. Anything less than 20 - 30 seconds, is not effective at all. Allow the water to get hot and slowly build a lather being careful to get under your nails and gently scrub away germs, food particles, etc. Count to 30 or sing a song.

If you work with food, it's a must that you are sanitary. If you are under the weather, don't operate in the kitchen until you are feeling well again. With the Coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world, it's a great time to amp up our sanitary practices so we can stay safe and remain healthy. 


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