First Bakery In Memphis To Launch Frozen Cookie Dough


First Bakery In Memphis To Launch Frozen Cookie Dough

Written By Jennifer Chandler

The Commercial Appeal 

Megan Mottley debuted her new line of Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies frozen cookie dough Monday.

This “cookiepreneur” is the first Memphis-based baker to launch a line of ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough. She launched her line with one of her most popular flavors: chocolate chip.

Three years ago, Mottley was on a mission to raise $3,000 for her teenage daughter to attend a mission trip to Japan. Her made-from-scratch cookies quickly went viral on social media and shortly after the success of three fundraisers, Goodness Gracious Luxe Cookies was born.

“I thought this would be a one-week fundraiser,” Mottley said. “But after we raised $5,000 in eight weeks, cookies became the ‘master plan.’”

For the past two years, Mottley has delivered cookies all over Memphis and the Mid-South, set up at local farmers' markets and served fresh baked cookies at various pop-up events. It was at a farmers' market that she met Leslie Schutt, who owns The Curb Market and Winchester Farm with her husband, Peter. Schutt approached Mottley about carrying her cookies at their Crosstown Concourse market.

“Our mission is to promote the local food system,” Schutt said. “It starts with local farms but also includes local food vendors.”

The Curb Market carries Memphis-made food products from close to 60 different vendors

Because Mottley’s homemade, freshly baked cookies contain no preservatives, they only have a two-day shelf life. Both Schutt and Mottley knew that a product that was so perishable would not be a success. That’s when they came up with the idea of a line of frozen cookie dough.

A bag of 15 ready-to-bake cookies retails for $12.99. Once baked, the cookies are chewy and dense, and loaded with large chocolate chips.

At the product debut on Monday morning, Dacia Tilford was one of the first to purchase a bag of Goodness Gracious frozen cookie dough.

“My daughter and I love her cookies. I have been a customer since she started selling them. They just melt in your mouth. I’m not sure how she does it … Megan just adds a special touch,” Tilford said.

Mottley said she hopes to expand the frozen cookie dough line to other flavors.

“We are honored to be the first store Megan is in,” Schutt said. “We want to see her grow the business and be in stores all over the city.”

Jennifer Chandler is the Food & Dining Reporter at The Commercial Appeal. She can be reached at and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @cookwjennifer.

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